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All LOVI products are designed and manufactured in our own factory leaving nothing to coincidence or second best.


Comfort is very much personal preference. Some like their sofa to be deep, some like it soft, and others might just prefer it to be on the firmer side. However, for any sofa to keep it's intended comfort over time, its construction and materials need to tick all boxes. We use high quality "foam" and filling materials to ensure the best possible durability and comfort, to stand the tests of time.


The LOVI brand is derived from decades of hard work, dedication, and passion for furniture design and manufacturing. With European production in our own state of the art factory, we combine modern manufacturing techniques with the expertise of more traditional furniture craftsmanship skills, to make products that we are proud to wear the LOVI name.

”We take pride in the manufacturing process and in crafting second to none furniture and interior pieces, that lasts for years of daily use“


A general misconception is often that all wood is the same. However, that is not the case. We only use quality core wood and all elements for upholstery products are FSC certified. Wood which has been given time to grow strongly combined with craftsmanship and the right treatment, warrants for robust quality furniture that lasts for years of daily use.


No matter if your preference is cotton, velvets, or leather, all LOVI upholstery options have endured careful testing to ensure pilling resistance and colorfastness. In short, we only use covers that can live up to our high ambition and standards. Advice on how to best care for your new LOVI product can be read here

”Each individual piece and item is designed and crafted in our own factory, leaving nothing to coincidence or second best“

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