Love and Care for lovely furniture

LOVI furniture is constructed with longevity and your satisfaction in mind. Like all items crafted from raw material and by handmade manufacturing, our furniture needs to be cared for to keep its beauty and comfort over time.

All furniture experience wear and tear depending on where you are in life. Big family? Living alone or with friends? Below you will find our general advice on furniture care.

Furniture should be used according to their intended use. Although we encourage you to throw a great party, sitting or standing on armrests and backrest edges is not recommended as it may result in furniture damage.

We hope you'll find your favorite spot on your new sofa. However, try not to sit in upholstered furniture in only one place - all the time. Whenever possible, all seat surfaces should be used and where possible, the seats and backrest cushions should be regularly moved from one place to another to extend their durability.

”Regularly move loose cushions and redistribute the filling to keep the intended cushion shape“

Leather is a flexible material and has a natural resistance to stretching or tearing. However high temperature, dry air, and exposure to sunlight have a negative effect on the durability of leather upholstery. Therefore please consider to protect it against direct sunlight and heat, as it may cause color fading and dryness of the leather surfaces.

In all furniture with replaceable or permanent covers, the seats may stretch or wrinkle. Manual straightening and smoothening of the seat surface may help improve their appearance. Smoothening should start from the central part and gradually move to the sides.

”Consider that light-colored furniture is at risk of being discolored by other textiles, mainly clothes (e.g. jeans)“

Wet stains should be dried as soon as possible with a dry cloth, to prevent stain penetration into a deep structure of the fabric. Stains should be delicately cleaned with a soft sponge dipped in a mix of warm water with an addition of a neutral washing agent. Avoid rubbing.

For complete information about furniture care, please download the LOVI HANDBOOK! (This line is only applicable if we have a PDF-folder which can be downloaded).

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